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» What makes Air Ambulance India unique?
We provide completely worry-free BEDSIDE-to-BEDSIDE service by providing a ground ambulance to pick up the patient from their bedside to the nearest possible airport, then fly the patient on an air ambulance that is equipped with Advanced Cardiac Life Support equipment and staffed with a Doctor/ACLS Paramedic. Upon arrival to the destination airport, a ground ambulance will transfer the patient to the final destination. In addition, Air Ambulance India provides Medical Escort Service for those patients that require medical care on a commercial airliner.

» Who makes the decision as to whether the patient can be transported?
Air Ambulance India's Medical Co-coordinators consults with both your personal physician as to what course of action is in the patients best interest, as long as the patient meets the transport criteria (inpatient status at both ends), and all safety issues have been considered, then it is the patient or his attendants ultimate decision as to whether or not he or she wants to be transported.

» In a Medical Emergency, how long will it take after my initial phone call, to reach the hospital of my choice?

In an emergency case, an Air Ambulance India- authorised aircraft can fly off within 2-3 hours of a your call. This obviously depends on how accessible, the patient is to some form of landing strip that can accommodate an Air Ambulance India-authorized aircraft and airport take-off & landing clearance by the Indian Air Traffic Controller. In case of Ground Ambulance transport, it can be initiated within 30 minutes of a call.

» What are the documentations you do while transporting the patients?
We always document the medical condition at the time of takeover and also record the in-flight/ in ambulance condition and changes of the patient with the handover details and necessary observations and medications administrations during the transport and along with necessary consent forms. All our documents are in appropriation with AHA transport guidelines.

» Can you transfer patients awaiting an organ transplant?
Yes. We recommend that you contact us prior to the transfer, when you are placed on the transplant list; to discuss our aircraft/ground availability, payment arrangements and other details.

» How many family members can accompany the patient?

(a) For Air Ambulances - Depending on the type and the configuration of the aircraft, we may permit minimum one & maximum four passengers to accompany the patient.
(b) For Ground Ambulances - We accept up to two passengers only to accompany the patient. If the patient requires several medical personnel, then one passenger will be able to accompany the patient, in the ambulance.

» Do private health insurance companies pay for Air Ambulance transfers?
It depends on the individual s insurance coverage. Many private international insurance companies do cover air ambulance transfers. It is best to check with your insurance company for pre approval of the air ambulance transfer.

» Does Air Ambulance India Air Ambulance transport patients internationally?

Yes. at Air Ambulance India we can fly anywhere in the world. With the convenience of charters/commercial jet-liners, we can transfer patients within Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa, United States, Canada, Australia and various other countries.

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